Music production

Gateway Studios is Norway’s leading music production hub, known for Dancing with the Stars, Norway’s Got Talent, Masked Singers, and Beat for Beat. We facilitate pre-production for Karpe, Chris Holsten, Emma Steinbakken, and Victoria Nadine, and we bring forward the music of Ingrid Bjørnov, DDE, Oslo Fagottkor, and the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra (KORK), to name a few who utilize our facilities or expertise. Our team is among the very best in the industry, and the studios maintain the same high standard. With professionalism, creativity, and passion as the basis for creating results of the highest quality, you can be sure that your project is in good hands. Let us be your professional partner!

Music has the power to create emotional bonds and build communities. Contact us to discover how our approach to music production and sound design can elevate your projects.

Music services

Production and Mixing

Our versatile production and mixing team is led by Javed Kurd, a well-known name with over 30 years in the music industry. The team offers extensive expertise in production and mixing for a wide range of music and media, with well-equipped facilities and a friendly atmosphere. We work closely with both national and international artists, across genres and styles.


We offer mastering for all release formats, including streaming services, CD, vinyl, as well as visual and social media. Mastering provides the final finish and the right adjustments before release, ensuring that your music is presented in the best possible way. Our mastering studio has calibrated acoustics with high-resolution monitors, as well as a selection of customized plug-ins and outboard processors, enabling an analog, digital, or hybrid workflow.

Dolby Atmos

Our main suite is equipped with Dolby-approved 7.1.4 Atmos monitoring for mixing in 3D audio format. We have amassed considerable experience with Dolby Atmos across genres, through mixing both pop and classical music productions for the format. We ensure that the audience gets the optimal listening experience, regardless of playback medium.


Espen Ramsli Fredriksen leads our team, which composes and arranges music for TV, film, gaming, advertising, podcast, and theater. We can handle any project that requires tailor-made music.


Our arrangers have developed specialized expertise in orchestration, from smaller ensembles and choirs, up to symphony orchestra size. We deliver arrangements tailored for TV productions, game developers, bands, and artists. We also offer professional layout and design services for print and digital publishing.


A modern and well-equipped gear park with the best in microphones and preamps ensures high-quality recordings in any format and track count, whether it happens in our own professional studio facilities at Fornebu, or at another desired location.


Whether you prefer Fornebu or Drammen, our spacious TV studios are ideal venues for concerts and events. The original studio, located in a historic aircraft hangar at Fornebu, has a capacity of up to 1200 people, while the new, state-of-the-art studio along the riverbank in Drammen can accommodate up to 1000 people.


Music production studios are designed for streamlined handling of band rehearsals and pre-production. The rooms are interconnected with Dante network for seamless integration of recording and listening solutions.