Podcast production

Podcasts engage, set the agenda, and establish your voice through authentic storytelling. The heart of the podcast is the art of creating captivating stories, encouraging debate, and igniting the imagination. Join the ever-growing podcast trend, and reach new market segments with your message.

Podcast services:


With roots in professional podcast production, including work for NRK, we have extensive experience in developing engaging podcasts. We can fine-tune your ideas and clarify your content. Whether you need guidance on basic storytelling techniques or seek a creative partnership, we are ready to develop ideas and refine concepts.

Advanced, mobile recording technology

Our studios in Fornebu are equipped for high-quality podcast recordings. In addition, we can record anywhere — be it in the office, outdoors, or at the cabin. Our advanced mobile recording technology offers unmatched flexibility for recording locations and schedules.

Sound and music

Elevate your podcast with our experienced sound engineers and the latest in audio technology. Our main mixing studio, with a Dolby-approved Atmos setup, delivers a crystal-clear soundtrack for an immersive 3D audio experience. Additionally, our talented composers can create original music, ensuring your podcast stands out in a world where sound is as impactful as visual impressions.